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New Barn Rats Hours

Due to the extreme heat we are changing the Barn Rats hours to 8:30-2:30.  It's so hot by 2:30 we will not be doing any activities.
These hours will carry through July.  We want to keep our kids and our horses safe and happy.  Morning rides are beautiful! :)  See you at the barn.

Rat Chat

   Okay my Barn is your place to "Rat Chat".  I hope this will get you started until I can get you your own website.  Working on it right now!  I sure do love all you girls and guys and could not be more proud to have you riding at our barn.  I feel like this barn and all these horses belong to all of us like we are just one big family.   It's going to be a great summer.  Please let me know any other ideas you Rats have and I am happy to try your ideas.

Barn Rats News

Hey Hey Hey Barn Rats...Show season is once again upon us.  Make sure you check with Robin about getting in on all the fun.  Extra lessons are available and transportation is provided !!! Fun Fun Fun

Stone's River Pony Club

We want to say a big congratulations to Natalie and McKayla for doing so well on their first dressage test.  Natalie placed first on Griffin at the Stone's River Pony club dressage test and McKayla placed second on Sage.  Way to go girls!  We couldn't be more proud of both of you and nice job to Sage and Griffin.  We do have wonderful ponies here at Horse Quarters and we sure have some talented riders!

Barn Rats Club

Here we are half way through the summer of 2011 already.  Our "Barn Rats" club has been so much fun I hope you all are enjoying all the riding you are doing.  Look how far you've come in such a short time.  Some of you came only a few weeks ago and now you can saddle your own horse and hit the trails.  This is what having a horse is all about.  I used to be gone for hours and hours as a teenager with my horse.  We would ride down to the creek and spend hours playing in the water.

Horse show 5/20 Triune

Here's an update on our horsehow adventures at the Triune Saddle Club:

Ashton and Skip got a 1st place in Hunter Under Saddle (17 & Under)
Ashton and Skip got a 2nd place in Western Pleasure (17 & Under)
Breana and Sage got a 4th in Western pleasure (17 & Under)
Ashton and Sage got a 1st in Ranch Horse (17 & Under)
Breanna and Skip got a 3rd in Ranch Horse (17 & Under)
Breana and Sage got a 4th in Halter
Debbie and Sage got a 2nd in Hunter Under Saddle

Congratulations to you girls.  Great job Skip and Sage!


Hello and welcome to our new website.  Although the site is new the barn has been operating for five years and we are looking forward to another great season.  We want to congratulate our wonderful barn staff Ashton and Breana for their recent progress at the Triune Saddle Club horse show.  We could not be more proud of you girls.  We hope to be making a lot of new friends this year with our great leasing program and our summer camp weeks.  We will be posting camp dates very soon and we will also be adding pictures to our gallery asap so keep checking back.
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